Interviews 5.1

Anthony Ausiello

The inspiration for the story was actually an overheard conversation while sitting in a Florida airport waiting for my flight to board—as a quick aside, I encourage all aspiring writers to be discreet eavesdroppers.”

Lauren Crux

I was roaming around my computer one day when I had a few precious moments to myself, and I found an old file marked “little ramble” (this was long before I knew of the twentieth century writer, Robert Walser’s short essay, “A Little Ramble”).”

Jonathan Duckworth

Years ago when I was in my first year of undergrad, I was watching the Discovery Channel and they had Michio Kaku on discussing the illusion of contact.”

Gail Giewont

I imagine it’s obvious that I was inspired by the border wall proposed by the current president. In particular, I suppose I wanted to envision some future in which the wall had already been built…”

Bryn Gribben

My path into creative nonfiction was via poetry. I was writing poems and was told they were too narrative; at the same time, I was told that my academic writing was too lyrical.”

Joyce Hayden

When writing creative nonfiction, I write from the observer’s perspective… as though I am “out of body,” looking at a scene from a distance. This allows me to follow images as if they were highway signs.”

Brenna Lemieux

Part of what I want to do is tell stories about the love between friends. I like the idea of saying, “This is a love story,” and it’s about two friends taking care of each other.”

Hali Sofala-Jones

This is a poem that I revisited many times before I felt like it was ready. I’d struggled with finding a way into the moment and to voice exactly what was so traumatic about that time in my life.”