Interviews 5.2

nora almeida

That’s one of the reasons I wanted to end the piece with a literal suspension of time–the piano hanging between failure and possibility, forever.”

eric altemus

Equally important to me in my process is music, which helps me think about my writing on different terms when revising.”

david braga

“I suppose that because I write fiction and watch movies and write about them that I’m thinking a lot about how things function, and how artifice plays such a big role in our lives.”

julie phillips brown

Many of my poems contain dialogic or constellatory structures, since they’re a way for me to engage in a poetics of relation—to explore the opacities, lapses, and precarity of connection between oneself and an other.”

mackenna chandler

This poem depends less on chronology and more about an overall message, like how a painting has no start or finish.”

kemuel demoville

“Just like anywhere, beauty often can be found alongside the grotesque – and if you only focus on one particular aspect of something then you’re not being true to the place or the moment you’re writing about.”

richard forester

The poem tries to recover that time and place in an attempt to make sense of it; it tries to portray the child as a vessel of burgeoning awareness.”

wendy a. gaudin

With this particular essay, I felt that my informal observations were effective openings and closings to an essay about my intimate interactions with people who experienced the violence of the American War.”

jayne guertin

However, for these kinds of poems to be successful, I believe the artist must first understand deeply the meaning of the work that has been appropriated. I think that’s essential.”

youssef helmi

All the literature available to me in middle and high school identified itself differently than I did, and I thought it was because what I’d experienced was uninteresting.”

natalie e. illum

The poems are activism by virtue of the fact that I represent (in part) voices that are usually not given voice – the disabled; the queer; the mentally ill.”

steven knepper

There may be fewer of them outside of the academy than there once were, in the days when poetry was a regular feature in newspapers and magazines, but you still never know where you might encounter them.”

tara mae mulroy

“We are a world inundated with text, but not all of it fills us or touches us. Having that space for silence allows me to hear what I need to be writing.”

michael palmer

I’m not sure if this is a universal experience, or just our family’s very low threshold for bashfulness, but any time anyone in my family watches even the most innocuous family home video, we all cringe to see ourselves on screen.”

kelly r. samuels

There was a wildness to the area and to the water on the north shore that spoke to me, as well as a calmness to the south that resonated, and it got me thinking about how we, as people, are often comprised of facets. We are not just one thing.”

jw young

I returned to this story because I’d taken a break from writing anything new and thought I could finally finish it and tell the story that I wanted to tell ten years before.”

toni la ree bennett

“…I always start out with something that captures my own attention and then, if I’m lucky, after working with it, surprise or enlighten myself with the end result.”

toti o’brien

“My taste is quite open. I am usually attracted by contrast and complexity, and sometimes by simplicity! Maybe by the contrast between complexity and simplicity.”

fabrice poussin

“In reality I don’t take myself seriously at all. I enjoy what I do, and share it with those who want to take a minute and contemplate for themselves, what feelings it may awaken in them.”