Issue 2.2 Gregory Crosby

The Over-Thirty League by Lou Gaglia
“Jesse told me about the over-thirty softball series…”

The Kid Next Door by Zeke Jarvis
“On Tuesday, the neighbors ask Justin to threaten to eat their child…”

What Gets Worn by Jesse Waters
“I needed a suit. I was twenty-four and didn’t have one.”

What You Feed Me by Kelsey Liebenson-Morse
“1. Caramelized Frog’s Hollow Farm peaches and roasted fingerling potatoes….”

Sport by Christopher Lowe
“My father was not a sports fan…`”

Multiple Choice by Matthew Gavin Frank
“A couple of things: 1) At about the same time Grandma Ruth died, my sister…

Gone by Krista Christensen
“I swallow the Xanax like I could swallow truth with it…”

Yo Mama So Fat by Karen Craigo
“If I fall, I’ll make an earthquake.”

Siberia by Sasha West
“The dirt, the rust, the anchored ships, the gangways frozen.”

Museum of Natural History #37, Helen {Keller} by Sasha West
“She launched a thousand stares, a thousand words on the sea of her hands…”

Billy Sunday’s Revival Tent by David Salner
“All summer, light towers blaze,
reflect off sweat.”

Good Vibrations by Daniel Romo
“Who expects lessons from a buff Boston boy.”

Driving at Night in the Rain by Sarah Hulyk Maxwell
“We find ourselves suddenly over open water.”

A lady never wears panty hose with runners by Sarah Hulyk Maxwell
“our stockings classify
us: nonladies.”

$25 Statutory Witness Fee by Sarah Hulyk Maxwell
“I hear the lawyer use the term spiderwebbing to describe her head…”

Meanwhile by Jessica Goodfellow
“Here is a photo of my second son.”

Proper Abcedarian 6: January by Devon Miller-Duggan
“Another bandage, another look-every-stranger-in-the-eyes…”

Proper Abcedarian 1: Turns by Devon Miller-Duggan
“And fall and the light tasting of good scotch, like belief….”

Ill-Suited by Christopher Dollard
“At the mall, the suits I try on for my best friend’s wedding remind me…”

She Went Into the Lobby For a Box of Junior Mints by Gregory Crosby
“The warm & the cool, the embrace & the gaze, the entangled…”

How Did Your Father Spend His Spare Time? by Ace Boggess
“It was the 70s, & I too young to learn gamble…”

She Went Into the Lobby for a Box of Junior Mints


The warm & the cool, the embrace &
the gaze, the entangled & the detached,
the original sin called synthesis

when thesis gave its opposite the fruit
from the tree of the knowledge of Good
& Plenty. That’s life: the ambivalence

of licorice, coated in a shell of
pink & white to hide the side effects
which may include the Universe Itself.

Candy is the dandy that wants to melt
in the mouth of decadence, the sweet tooth
of crime, its nature read out like a

sentence passed. It stumbles only to stand
with its cocoa velvet top hat in hand.
It’s the opposite of bittersweet, which

isn’t sweet, but a doubling, sweet sweet,
like hush hush, a sexy that’s sexy in the way
dread is sexy, which is to say not at all.

Still, we get off. Lightly, easily.
With a warning. With a smile full of crowns.
Four out of five dentists agree that the fifth

is an agent of history, progress. History
is a confection, wrapped around the gooey
caramel of the present. Bite down.

The box & the creamy centers. The sugar
& the shock. The hard & the soft. The tongue
& the teeth that watch, yearning to fall out.

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