Somewhere beyond the yolk of my eyes

For a while,
her eyes grasp mine with lacy opinionated gloves
pinkie rings encircle her make-up of self-love

the sound of the Asian goose flies above my hanging head
and cycles circle around the world until they come to an end
when the Himalayan rivers begin to flow again

and somewhere beyond the yolk of my eyes, snow melts 



My frozen socks root in slick unrest
combing status quo follicles
around each ear

“Sit. On this little stool”
(and rot)
I nod
and root

‘til little vines of wisteria trellis up and over
the lips of what I told myself
I could never be

Kae Bucher

Kae Bucher’s personal cosmos is a poetry-swathed world of barefoot walking, tree-climbing, hammock-lying, and yoga-doing. When Kae is not performing these activities (but often while she is), she can be found praying or penning poems. Kae graduated from Fresno Pacific University and taught Special Education before beginning her prolific blog,, in March of 2017. She also co-edits Jordan Journal, a Facebook-based literary collective for Christian poets.