Nothing good is on TV,
and we haven’t seen a real
drowning, clean-slate, diluvian rain
for many summers.

Everywhere is a fine white powder.
It dusts the dead grasses
of my lawn
and clogs the filters
of the pond
where I used to keep goldfish.

In the shower,
I find the powder in my ears
and elsewhere. I even find
a tidy mound in an ancient shoe.

What is there to say?

The Jews wandered the Sinai
for forty years while I,
six months into the ordeal
of outliving him, feel like
I’m dying again each day.

Tell me—
this place,
where is it,
and is it

Joshua Allen is an American reject from Indiana, though you may know him as the guy your friend’s cousin knows. His work has been published in Angry Old Man MagazineRiver and South Review, and Tributaries, among others.