Nicole Mason

Elon Musk stands at the edge of my bed watching me sleep wearing a mask of my mother’s face

Elon Musk has a soft caress
that emanates Palmolive and Misty’s

Twice already
he’s plucked
off my nose and told me that he’s holding 
it in his hands

I can smell his heart
line so I know it’s true

Elon Musk falls in love easily 
as easily as any woman of a certain age
and now?

Elon Musk never sings 
me to sleep anymore what with being so busy 
hurling gizmos and dogs and joy into space

He assures me that the dogs
are just fine

I’m Elon Musk he tells me

 as he slices
hotdogs into my macaroni & cheese
and poopsie he says

the dogs are just fine
I’ve invented a doohickey that will spit 
out a meatball 

when the dog pushes 
a button with his nose or paw

 It doesn’t matter which
one they use but the hole
the meatball pops out of looks like a prune
and Elon Musk can’t stop giggling

Elon Musk explains that when the dogs are able to see
the globed earth and finally comprehend the smallness of individual existence 
they stop pushing the button anyway

It’s like they get it says Elon Musk

Elon Musk likes to tie one on 
and after my nap

we go to the park so he can drink
his Miller Lite by the swings
After he drinks off

each one he tosses the empty
cans into the bushes
He assures me that it doesn’t matter anyway
that we’re all just ghosts of scattered particles of light
Elon Musk goes

hey pumpkin we’re all living in a simulation and since
I’m Elon Musk and all
I’ve fashioned a doodad that disrupts the coded matrix

Elon Musk takes the doodad out
of his corduroy pocket and tells me to push it

It sounds like one of those clicker things

used in Operation Overlord
See isn’t this cool Elon Musk screams

now you know who your enemies are

Nicole Mason received her MA in Literature from Northern Michigan University and is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at Western Michigan University and is the poetry editor at Third Coast Magazine. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Midwestern Gothic, Slipstream, Crab Creek Review, Five:2:One, Pithead Chapel, and others. She lives in Kalamazoo, MI with her husband and three ungrateful dogs.