Alice Stone-Collins, “Talking Heads”


A Girl Talks to Flowers — Ruth Joffre

Imagine — Karl Plank

The Jackshit Bastards — Jim Roberts

Strike Your Enemy Pretty, Crow — Rachele Salvini

Waterman Hemisphere — Robert Slentz-Kesler


Pebble Linings — Laura Adrienne Brady

Pregnant, Gland Problem, or Just Fat? — Bethany Bruno

Shelved: An Essay Alphabetically Arranged — Mialise Carney

Prostitute in the Christmas Village — Janine DeBaise

If You Spot A Crow — Heather Diamond

Bigfoot, UFOS and Cults — Sean Winn


Unmaking the Room — Emily Adams-Aucoin

with clean hunting boots — Darren Demaree

with complications — Darren Demaree

Kenyan Fertility Doll — Shawna Ervin

Boy Has Miscarriage — Halsey Hyer

Pendulum Theory — Brandyn Johnson

Sonnet for the Night — Andy Keys

Sonnet for Autumn — Andy Keys

Sonnet for Dreams — Andy Keys

Halo-halo — Dani Putney

Firecrackers — Q.M.

My Two Brothers — Claire Scott

I Am Giving My Planetary Embryos to the Soil — Melissa Studdard

Black Garden Songs — Wendy Thompson Taiwo

Somewhere in Montana, Maybe — Nancy Lynée Woo

daydream — David Xiang

waking — David Xiang


Emily Adams-Aucoin

Laura Brady

Bethany Bruno

Mialise Carney

Janine DeBaise

Darren Demaree

Heather Diamond

Shawna Ervin

Halsey Hyer

Ruth Joffre

Brandyn Johnson

Andy Keys

Karl Plank

Dani Putney


Jim Roberts

Rachele Salvini

Claire Scott

Robert Slentz-Kesler

Melissa Studdard

Wendy Thompson Taiwo

Sean Winn

Nancy Lynée Woo

David Xiang