Issue 8.1 Fiction

Alice Stone-Collins, “Put a Bird on It”

A Girl Talks to Flowers
by ruth joffre

“The Earth never says goodbye, niña. It’s always here with you: in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the dirt I can see underneath those fingernails.”


by karl plank

“Imagine Gwen setting down her Coppertone and cup of coke, grabbing the edges of your towel as if they were the lapels of a coat hiding the pale skin of your torso, as she inquires, Do you dive? Start there.”

The Jackshit Bastards

by Jim Roberts

“We had an unspoken pact: better to live a crummy life together than for only one of us to escape. This pact doomed us to Esperanza. And doomed Sara to dragging a mule.”

Strike Your Enemy Pretty, Crow

by Rachele Salvini

“At sixteen, Priscilla escaped to London to see The Clash live.”

Waterman Hemisphere
by Robert Slentz-Kesler

“Edward had now been writing with that pen—a sleek Waterman Hemisphere from the Askew-Taylor store in Raleigh—for seventeen years.”