grace (ge) gilbert

Today Is Shrouded in Lavender

Dust like a corpse 
of light i open

the vanity



my perfume bottles 

huddled in the dark 

heart thickened.

Love is a body 

of yes   

It opens me 

Gift-wrap silk twine 

for the cat to play with 

After u say


books      i’ve read this year

films      i’ve watched this year

bodies      i’ve touched this year 

   All those gentle 

Numbers coalescing 

taking stock i count 

for good 

your way of loving 

me An omelette in the morning

cat fed 

the coffee

an invitation 

so genuine                    so genuine

O the staying power

For once

so  filmic 

on my tongue

grace (ge) gilbert’s recent micro, poetics, and lyric essays can/will be found in the Adroit Journal, Hobart, ANMLY, Ninth Letter, Pithead Chapel, the Offing, the minnesota review, Gargoyle, DIALOGIST, The Penn Review, and others. They are an M.F.A. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh where they consume unholy amounts of cheese and dumplings. Peruse her work on her website, or follow her on Twitter @geg2us.