Featured Artist: Rebecca Pyle

Rebecca Pyle

Rebecca Pyle is an artist who paints most often with oils and tempera. Her artwork is in many art/lit journals, including New England Review, Roanoke Review, The Alexandria Quarterly, Gris-Gris, Sand Hills, Anomaly, Permafrost, Gulf Stream; her artwork appears on covers of JuxtaProse, The HitchLit Review, The Underwater American Songbook (Underwater New York, 2018), and Oxford Magazine. Rebecca, who lives surrounded by mountains in Utah, is a writer, too, poet and essayist and fiction writer. See rebeccapyleartist.com.

Artist’s Statement

An architect recently informed me that all architecture tells a story. I disagree. Drawings and paintings and writing do; architecture is, in my opinion, only the attempt to perpetuate a story, however bad or good it is; or to change, somehow, that story, a hope to reset or improve. A story is much more.