Issue 8.3 Fiction

Shane Camoin, "Water 4"

Lydia Tata’s New York Debut

by scott bassis

You’ve never been to a drag show before, have you?

Snow Day

by emma boggs

There in your arms, they said. In my arms. A tiny weight in my arms; a tiny certainty. Certainty is certainly a liar.

Like Silk

by abigail carlson

I know this kind of pain. Self in twain, skinned and stolen. And because I know this pain, I know about restoration.

Whistling Woodwinds, Unfurling Flowers

by carling ramsdell

Something’s happening to her. The house is crumbling around her…

Need You

by ellen skirvin

My husband and I had been living together for a week when I developed the taste for human blood.