Ellery Beck


My body—the molded
blackberries on the top shelf
of my fridge, the smell 

as it sticks. Pulled open
and artificially sweetened, industrially 
cooled. I’m told I’m perishable 
as if it’s a secret. I’m expected to know
my expiration date. My apologies—the mold 

keeps growing. I have misplaced 
the trash can and can’t manage 
the walk to the dumpster.

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Ellery Beck is an undergraduate student majoring in English at Salisbury University. A winner of the 2019 AWP Portland Flash Contest and a Pushcart nominee, they are the Founding Interview Editor for The Shore Poetry and a Poetry Reader for Poet Lore. They have poems published in Colorado Review, Zone3, Sugar House Review, Fugue, Slipstream and elsewhere.