Meghan Sterling

Motherhood Divides a Woman in Half

Where one part is snow on the forest floor, shadow shape 
of the crescent moon, leaf fall and beetle scurry, the night 

calling with a voice lean as the wolf, still puddle full of cloud.
Here I live alone with fire, search the dung heaps left by the elk, 

scratch poems in the mud with a torn branch mottled with frost. 
This part I’ve never been able to follow to its end—the way 

of the earth’s deep musk, the way of the fragrant berry. 
I always turn back and take up the mantle of the other, 

the one who sits vigil in the room while my daughter sleeps,
where I am sentry, lifeguard, loon, riding the water with my daughter 

clinging, through waves that send their pulses to the edge of the shore, 
where I paw at the water, where I paddle our bodies so that we stay afloat, 

where the only silence is underwater, where solitude is a looming tangle 
of forest always a distance ahead, lit by hunger, by sun.

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Meghan Sterling’s work was nominated for four Pushcart Prizes and she published the poetry collection These Few Seeds (Terrapin Books) in 2021. Her chapbook Self-Portrait with Ghosts of the Diaspora (Harbor Editions) is forthcoming in 2023. Her collection View from a Borrowed Field won Lily Poetry Review’s Paul Nemser Book Prize and is forthcoming in 2023.