$25 Statutory Witness Fee


I hear the lawyer

use the term spiderwebbing

to describe her head

hitting the windshield

shattering her head the glass

is all I see

pawn pieces while I am on

break during this deposition

at the height of the city line


being held in place by gravity

I was acting

as pedestrian I say

on the record

imagine being held in place by only gravity

now, seated—small at a table

on a high floor

I see

her head hit the windshield and it spiderwebbed.

the windshield.


her head. the inside. the blood brain.

on the street I could only remember the color blue

and be grateful for it as a word

how it looks against red rubs against black

her head. the windshield. “spiderwebbed.”

all caught up in glass and red and blue

in typical circumstances make purple

wet brain wet windshield wet girl

she was bleeding a blue dress

wearing it all

Sarah Hulyk Maxwell 

Sarah Hulyk Maxwell lives in Pittsburgh with her two cats and husband. She works at a law firm where her MFA from Louisiana State University is practically worthless, but she’s pretty good-natured about it. Her most recent work can be found in Salamander and Up the Staircase Quarterly and is forthcoming in NANO Fiction and Red Paint Hill.