Last Day to Save on Sarah Jaeger’s “Throwing and Alternative Video”

—Ceramics Monthly advertisement

No longer interested in why,
sign me up for the master class of how.
Train me to be an able student, Sarah.
            Teach me the art of kneading mud.
Let me be your apprentice,
your tyro intern—

How I long to dip my hands
into spinning vats,
still the world into practical objects of design.
But alternatives, Sarah?
Just what are the other ways of throwing, molding,
firing? Please divulge your secrets.
Please tell all. This is a new call
from one desperate for a new
                 one that might solve
the mysteries
              of muck,
bricks, ovens,

Please reply soon.
I have one day left.
And my fingers are hot with clay.

Andrea Witzke Slot

Andrea Witzke Slot Winner of Fiction International and Able Muse’s 2015 Prizes in Fiction, Slot is author of the poetry collection To find a new beauty (Gold Wake Press, 2012) and a recently-finished novel titled The Cartography of Flesh: in the Silence of Ella Mendelssohn. Recent work can be found in such places as The American Literary ReviewMeridianCrab Orchard ReviewFiction SoutheastBellevue Literary Review Nimrod, and Mid-American Review, while her academic essays on poetry and social change can be found in anthologies published by SUNY Press and Palgrave Macmillan. She lives in London and Chicago. Her website is located here.