Featured Artist: Daphne Fauber

Photo of featured artist, Daphne Fauber.

Daphne Fauber

Daphne Fauber (she/her) is a queer writer, Best of the Net nominated artist, and microbiologist based out of West Lafayette, Indiana. When not reading books or agar plates, she can be found playing too many video games. Her work has been published in the Brave New Girls Anthology, Permafrost Magazine, Diet Milk Magazine, and Pile Press, among others. She can be found on Instagram at @daphne.writes, Chill Subs at Daphne Fauber, or at her website www.dank.pizza.


Artist’s Statement

“Extinguish,” “Veneration,” and “Brain Drain” take elements of vintage public domain art, collage, and digital drawing to make pieces that play with shape and theme. Sympathy was made from purely digital drawing. The artworks featured here represent both a reverence and cynicism regarding death with classic imagery of different horror genres used throughout. All pieces were created using Procreate for the iPad.