Issue 11.1 Poetry

"Brain Drain"
“Brain Drain” by Daphne Fauber


by Rachel Becker

Sad Music Heard on Mozart Street

by Dominic Blanco

What We Do, We Do Poorly

by Dominic Blanco


by allisa Cherry

You Left Your Porchlight On Neighbor

by Chanice Cruz

Letter to Jonah on the Border

by Jeff Dingler

In Dread

by Tara A. Elliott

O, My Charmer, Spare Me

by Katherine Gekker

State Song

by Guiseppe Getto

Mama Says Angels Are Watching Over Us

by Raye Hendrix

Intersex Bloodwork

by Raye Hendrix


by Thomas Holton

Thoughts on a Haunting

by Molly Sutton Kiefer

Dream about a Gigantic, Me-Obsessed Octopus

by Bryanna Licciardi

Friends with the Undertaker

by Dayna Hodge Lynch


by Michael McCarthy


by Mrityunjay Mohan

The Antlers

by Meg Muthupandiyan

Terms and Conditions

by Angelica Whitehorne

Like a Yin Yang

by John Wojtowicz