Featured Artist: Ernest Williamson III

Ernest Williamson III

Dr. Ernest Williamson III has published creative work in over six-hundred journals. Williamson has published poetry in over two-hundred journals, including The Oklahoma Review, The Roanoke Review, Pamplemousse, formerly known as The Gihon River Review, The Copperfield Review, The Penwood Review, and Wilderness House Literary Review. Some of his visual artwork has appeared in journals such as Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, The William & Mary Review, New England Review, The Tulane Review and The Wisconsin Review. Williamson has an MA from the University of Memphis and a PhD from Seton Hall University. He lives in Tennessee.


Artist’s Statement

The works submitted in this series explore the dissonance and continuity of beauty and tension; of comprehension and confusion; of process and stagnation. The artist is constantly creating and destroying notions, ideas, concepts, and conventions for the sake of spiritual survival and artistic revival. Art imitates life, and my work is an attempt to show the beauty of life in all of its grandeur. I would encourage people to embrace art wholeheartedly for the sake of civility and a more peaceful existence.