Featured Artist: Gina Nilce

Black and white photo of the featured artist, Gina Nilce.

Gina Nilce

Gina Nilce is a multi-passionate creative from the hills of the Blue Ridge. She’s currently embarking on a yearlong multi-media project that aims to blend song, poetry, and visual art, you can follow along on instagram @nilce.music. She’s also developing a line of herbal products that range from the ceremonial to the medicinal and everything blended between. You can find her alter ego throwing pies with Jackleg Pizza, raising three kids, and always trying something new. 

Artist’s Statement

It’s difficult to sum up what photography is for me or how I arrive at the images that I do because both of those things are always in flux. I’ve never really landed on a style or single voice and for a long time beat myself up about that – now I know that it’s just part of how I create. Primarily I think my goal is always capturing something visually that I have difficulty expressing any other way. Sometimes a photograph is an extension of something that I’ve written or been exploring, but sometimes the photo comes first and the ideas follow. When I am the subject, it is almost always an attempt to get to the bottom of a feeling I can’t quite describe, but can see in my mind’s eye. When photographing others, it is an attempt to help them see themselves through a lens that they may have never looked through before. When photographing nature, It’s capturing things that exist in the liminal spaces; the beauty that hangs in the balance between life and death, the sorrow and joy in the changing of seasons.

Currently I’m consumed with building visual accompaniment to an album that is in the process of being written – creating a gallery to further delve into the emotion of each song and hopefully add another layer to the storytelling. Those photographs and songs will be released over the course of 2024 and as a complete photo book + album at the end of the year. The project is currently titled “In the Night” but as these things do, it might change in the making.

Listen to Gina Nilce’s music here.