Dominic Blanco

Sad Music Heard on Mozart Street

Raising his voice, he says, attempted murder
Then a brief pause. Such an assertion deserves
Attention. His voice inflecting with rage & hate.
Because when they see a man like me, he pauses, longer 
Than the last. The song gone out of him


What We Do, We Do Poorly

I listen to the mother ask her son
How he did on the test and him
Saying he hopes he did ‘okay.’

Is that now how we should approach
Our condition, going over our lives
And hoping they turn out ‘okay’?

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Originally from Miami, Florida, Dominic Blanco currently resides and works in Chicago. He’s a big fan of taking walks that lead to nowhere through the city’s endless streets & alleys. At the moment he is completing a low-residency MFA at Randolph College in Lynchburg, VA.