Featured Artist: Rodrigo Oñate, Corazón de la Bestia

Poetry 5.1

“The Moon Is a Grave of Feathers” and “Hands”

by Jonathan Duckworth

“We nightgaze together
& I tell you little fables
like how there are birds
that fly between stars…”


At the Wall” 

by Gail Giewont

Forty feet of cement
and no way to escape
to the other side. Forty
feet of gold paint…”



by Hali Sofala-Jones

“I am fifteen the first time
my palagi mother takes me
to be electrocuted…”



by Bryn Gribben

“As when all things curl into themselves:
fiddlehead ferns, a worm when flicked,
the stairwell’s end, the sentence coming…”