Heather Rankin, Two Faced

Nonfiction 6.1

Getting Gone

by tyler arndt

“1. It was spring and spring was the best time in Korea to be outside circling the neighborhood. The crisp air leftover from winter idled. A good time for a brisk walk. Warm enough to make you feel like one of those characters in a comic strip…“


Bear Country

by william braun

“The problem was you were always jumpy and I was always silent. You’d be in the bedroom, matching socks and folding towels the correct way, when I’d appear in the doorway and you’d start like one of those women who is about to be murdered in the first five minutes of those Scandinavian dramas you always watched without me….”


The Pet We Never Shared

by holly pelesky

“I was given this useless dog bowl at my blessing shower. A blessing shower is a baby shower, but for a birth mother. It was a tradition with the adoption agency I was registered through. I suppose it was an effort to make us…”