Luis David Morán, “Duncan,” 2017, Acrylic on wood

Fiction 6.2


by gershon ben-avraham

“The Lehkwaddie River enters Lehkwaddie Bay at Alders Point, a large, triangularly shaped piece of land that juts out into the sea. It is an excellent place for swimming. Just off the tip, the warmer river water mixes with the frigid bay water, lessening the cold water’s sting…“


Serves Him Right

by carson faust

“What was left of her husband Jack, Carol kept in the freezer in the basement. By the beginning of February, she expected to be on the nine o’clock news, handcuffed, and guided into the back of a police car. She wouldn’t protest or pretend to be innocent. She wasn’t innocent…”


By the Interstate

by jamie witherby

“The evening news comes on with a story about an unidentified body found by the interstate. They go to a reporter out in the field…”