Issue 1.2 Contents


Hung Over by Tad Bartlett
“One Sunday morning in late spring when I was twelve, about to turn thirteen, I woke up with a hangover…”

Bonfire at Gretchen’s by Allie Marini Batts
“I hadn’t planned on driving all the way out to Ambush Road for Gretchen’s bonfire…”

A Twist in Wires by Alex Luft
“On the day the pigs went free, a nurse phoned Maggie Williger…”

A Cave of Our House by Matthew Mahaney
“Sometimes I see a black horse breathing heavily in the middle of the street…”

The Arctic Dreams by Matthew Mahaney
“She is always dead before the iceberg has finished easting its way through our boat…”

A Short History of My Family by Ryan Napier
“Troy falls. The city burns, and only the great hero Aeneas escapes…”

Derail by Pete Pazmino
“Wyatt imagined the train’s sound before he heard it…”


Elegy with Holes by Brad Efford
“The nurse who holds your hand smells strongly of lavender…”

Pride Parade by Brad Efford
“The deluge falling all day on the D.C. Pride Parade doubles as a wet metaphor…”

The Conservation of Matter by Brad Efford
“It’s been five years today, and I’ve spent the whole gray morning glued to the archived videos of her…”

Night with a Handful of Streetlight by Joyce Hayden
“This is all I want forever, to sit in the backseat, cheek against glass, watching life through a window, dark…”

History Obscura by B.J. Hollars
“On Friday, April 23, 1965, a rally was held just off U.S. 82 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama…”

Snooping by Rachel Mack
“On a Sunday evening in 2007, I was with my mother, preparing to take her to a chemotherapy treatment the next morning…”

Good with Numbers by David Olimpio
“The zero. The nothing. Reciting the zeros is all about repetition…”


The Death of a Comet by Clint Margrave
“Astronomers predicted the comet…”

January by Jason McCall
“Does it feel like the promise…”

‎We Love Throwback Thursday by Jason McCall
“Because we get to believe history…”

Wally West at the End of Time by Jason McCall
“Speed kills…”

Dr. Valentine Blows a Curse by Laura McCullogh
“One spring break down in the Rica, Rick…”

Reborn in the Body as Anne Askew by Sara Moore
“I don’t want to have to say again…”

from Rooms Between Home by Justin Runge
“Past glass builds up to its breaking point, and eventually…”

Homemade by Melanie Tague
“Her father’s only success this week had been in the beer he bought her and…”

Half Moon by Janet Lee Warman
“Eleanor’s delicate stomach…”

Living Stone by Janet Lee Warman
“I have imagined your Hand of God…”

Some Things Just Are by Janet Lee Warman
” “Doctor’s Son Hangs Self”…”


Tad Bartlett
B.J. Hollars
Sara Moore​