Issue 1.3 Contents


Heartbox by Kim Henderson
“Right when I’d got the hang of life, when I had a meaningful job and a semi-permanent man and a nice swing to my gait…”

Blessings by Steven Stam
“They had seemed nice enough…”



WIND: a fugue by Chelsea Biondolillo
“Outside, the wind blows a sustained note that sounds at once raw and manufactured…”

A Hill of Beans by Caridad Moro
“Short on praise but long on perfection, Abuela Vicenta was never one for overt shows of affection…”

Rafting Off the Grid by Neil Mathison
“Tomorrow my wife Susan and I begin rafting the Grand Canyon…”

The House by Gail Peck
“In the house I never had there are many windows…”

Ghosts in the Womb by C.A. Schaefer
“The first thing we see is a shadowy approximation of a womb…”



The Salvers by Jeremy Allan Hawkins
“when the sky is steel wool but the sea sits flat & dull as a skillet…”

The Last by Kenneth Pobo
“asters shone blue flashlights deep…”

A Love Poem about an Exploding Cow by Denton Loving
“In the middle of night I wake…”

The Number of Times One Crosses Oneself by Caleb Agnew
“The number of times one crosses oneself…”

But Who Thinks of the Skunk by Jeremy Allan Hawkins
“hamburger stands can still be found on certain county roads…”

Doing the Dishes Before Leaving to Have an Abortion by Donnarkevic
“No sense in leaving a mess of things…”

Divorce by Andrea Jurjevic O’Rourke
“We never had no sun…”

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia by Andrea Jurjevic O’Rourke
“A fence angled like a broken jaw…”

De Soto National Memorial Park by Jose Araguz
“The men show the children arrows, how to shoot…”

Hydrangeas by Katherine Faigen
“We took back roads on bikes…”


Chelsea Biondolillo
Jeremy Allan Hawkins
Kim Henderson
Denton Loving
Neil Mathison
Caridad Moro
Gail Peck
Sean Prentiss
C.A. Schaefer
Steven Stam
Sarah Ann Winn