Issue 1.4 Contents


Walking the Dog by Jon Michaud
“Walter didn’t know much about cancer…”


The Guide to Running Your First Marathon by Taylor Bostick
   “On the morning of The Marathon, you, The Runner, should wake three to four hours before the start of The Race…“



The Princess, The Stranger, and The Suspension of Disbelief by Brian Oliu
“This is the biography of someone who does not exist…“

Meme 12 by Dave Madden
“I first walked as a queer into a gay bar in the summer of 2004…“

Ineditability by B.J. Hollars
“It was only a matter of time before we began eating our bodies…“

“Of Blood” by Ashley Bethard
“We bob in the muddy green water of the Chesapeake Bay…“

Only Water, and the Stars by Sean Prentiss
“When this boy [nineteen years old if a day] is drunk [and most dark nights he is always almost drunk]…“

A Reception for Perloo by Matthew Gavin Frank
“Rapt are the indignities of perloo…“



Saint Mary’s Dawn by Vanessa Stauffer
“Like the boy crying wolf, the trumpet repeats an old warning…”

A Raising by Christopher Citro
“We gathered at Niedermeyer’s house the next week…”

Hunger by Sarah McCartt-Jackson
“What was there left to do?…”

In Watching an Old Episode of A Cook’s Tour by Erin Smith
“In 2002, America was afraid of everything…”

Unless you are an aspiring laser beam, your microwave won’t teach you anything by Katelyn Kiley
“Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m eating & eating & nothing can appease me…”

A Carol for Southern Christmases by Erin Smith
“The light above my mother’s couch should be enough…”

Jacinte by Jayne Benjulian
“We walked through the cemetery…”

Gale by Anne Shaw
“I shouted, take me further…“



Jayne Benjulian
Ashley Bethard
Taylor Bostick
Stephen Chusman
Matthew Gavin Frank
B.J. Hollars
Dave Madden
Sarah McCartt-Jackson
Jon Michaud
Brian Oliu
Sean Prentiss
Anne Shaw
Erin Elizabeth Smith
Vanessa Stauffer