Matthew Rohrer


I measured out my own life with the contraceptive pills
and upon arriving back at my apartment I discovered
parties with writers, like this one in New York, are different
they’re not obsessed with death, but in fact they are
alone slowly floating through a series of paintings
and if they’re anything like me, they also cry all the time
and I was telling my mom about you, and you appeared on the path,
with your mom,—and after that, I walked in the cold
where all around me the immaculate expanse of a sculpted garden
rose up so steep it felt just like my nightmares


While two guys blew open the jail to rescue their friend who wobbles out
the boy was asleep, he left
an orange peeled
and I thought a-ha! 

A pill takes me to the underworld
& Krishna himself, a boy
and I are talking when he spills wine all down my blazer

the moon turning full at the back of his throat
made his voice appear just a little out of reach
alone slowly floating through a series of paintings

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Matthew Rohrer is the author of ten books of poems, most recently The Sky Contains Plans, published by Wave Books. His work has won a Hopwood Award, a Pushcart Prize, the Believer Book Award, and was shortlisted for the Griffin International Poetry Prize. He co-founded Fence and Fence Books and teaches at NYU.