Our Editors 10.1

Editor in Chief | Grace Hopps | she/her

Hey! I’m Grace Hopps. My favorite genre is poetry. My favorite poem in this issue is “Just Imagine How” by Michael Lauchlan; I love the personification of the wills. My favorite book of poetry is Junk by Tommy Pico.

Favorite piece: “Just Imagine How” by Michael Lauchlan

Lead Prose Editor | Madeleine Carberry | she/they

Hi! I’m Maddy, and my favorite genre is fantasy, especially anything with dragons or other magical creatures. A fun fact about me is that I used to have a pet snake.

Favorite piece: “Notes on Cycling” by Boen Wang

Lead Prose Editor | Miranda Colbert | she/her

Heyo! My name is Miranda Colbert and my favorite genre in general is anything dystopian. Send a zombie my way and I’m literally hooked.  In my free time I love to draw or watch musicals religiously. And a fun fact about me is I constantly play word association every second of every day since the day I was born.

Favorite piece: “The Train” by Van Nostrand

Lead Poetry Editor | Aliza Haskal | she/her

Hey there! My name is Aliza Haskal. My favorite genre is poetry because it is the best. A fun fact? I am classically trained in piano.

Favorite piece: “Collage” (1) by Matthew Rohrer

Lead Poetry Editor | Azeiza Hamza | she/her

Hi! My name is Azeiza Hamza. My favorite genre to read is contemporary romance. In my free time I like watching tv shows, writing novels, and listening to pop music. A fun fact about me is that I speak Arabic.

Favorite piece: “The First Time My Father Made Molasses”

Prose Copy Editor | Amanda Schooley| she/her

Hello there! My name is Amanda Schooley, and I’m the copy-editor for Fiction/Nonfiction! My favorite genre is fiction, with particular leanings toward horror, sci-fi, and weird fiction (although I’m not too picky about what I read as long as I’m invested, truthfully speaking). I’m an aspiring novelist and digital artist, as well as a bit of a hipster. A fun fact about me is that I was born about four months premature and weighed exactly one pound at birth.

Favorite piece: “Breathing Room” by Mary Carroll Moore

Poetry Copy Editor | Rebecca Dodd| she/her

Hello! My name is Rebecca Dodd. My favorite genre to read is science fiction. A fun fact about me is that I practiced fencing for six years. En garde!

Favorite piece: “Bass Fishing” by Derek Otsuji

Audio and Media Editor| Ainsley Fox | she/her

Hello, my name is Mary Ainsley Fox. While being a part of the journal, my favorite genre to read is nonfiction. I can do the worm.

Favorite piece: “Happy Elephants Daycare Center” by Sage Tyrtle.

Community Outreach and Special Projects Editor | Franklin Garcia | he/him

Bonjour, my name is Franklin Garcia. My favorite genre is fiction and nonfiction short stories and novels. I love to sail the Chesapeake Bay and grow flowers for the florist. A fun fact about me is that I play chess while listening to classical music. I’m also a member of Toastmasters and Writers Club of Fredericksburg.

Favorite piece: “Me and Paulie” by Ralph Uttaro

Art Editor | Rachel Hess | she/her

Greetings! My name is Rachel, I’m secretly a sci-fi lover! A fun fact is that in my spare time my hobby is “pyrography” otherwise known as wood burning, as well as tending to my backyard chickens.

Favorite piece: “Feasts of Mourning” by Annie Cigic

Social Media Editor | Madeline Ice | she/her

Hey! My name is Madeline Ice. I enjoy reading fantasy novels and writing my own. A fun fact about me is that I have a really big dog.

Favorite piece: “How Did We End Up Back Here?” by Jessy Easton

Design Editor | Emily Malone | she/her

Hi! My name is Emily Malone. My favorite genre to both read and write is fantasy. When I’m not writing, I love film photography and playing guitar. A fun fact about me is that I’ve driven from Virginia to Colorado twice!

Favorite piece: “Feasts of Mourning” by Annie Cigic

Design Editor | Bella Bigelow | she/her

Hi! My name is Bella. I love reading anything fantasy and sci-fi, especially if mythology is involved. In my free time, I tend to write bad plays, work at a horse rescue, and hike with my two dogs. A fun fact about me is that I collect glass animals.

Favorite piece: “Feasts of Mourning” by Annie Cigic

Managing Editor | Sydney German | she/her

Hello! I love reading psychological thrillers and fiction and writing flash fiction and nonfiction essays. In my free time, I enjoy watching sitcoms, going on runs, and spending time with friends and family. A fun fact about me is that I’ve played soccer for 15 years.

Favorite piece: “Happy Elephants Daycare Center” by Sage Tyrtle

The current editors of the Rappahannock Review would like to pay
tribute to the ground-breaking work of the journal’s founding editors:

Sam Akridge
Alice Baldys
Kerry Blanton
Marina Bonanno
Courtney Cherico
Morgan Deacon

Danielle DeSimone
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Kyle Finley
Amanda Grace
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Colleen Huber
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Will McCarry

Kate Ricchetti
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