Cynthia Yatchman “Covid Mountain Trees”

Issue Contents

Saganaki — Rose Maria Woodson – Poetry

The First Time My Father Made Molasses — Ellen Zhang – Poetry

Sown by Lightly Touching Hands — Ashish Isaac – Poetry

Shofar — Rikki Santer – Poetry

The Train — Randall Van Nostrand – Fiction

Tomatoes — Katelyn Tucker – Poetry

The Lion-Tamer — Beaumont Sugar – Nonfiction

Feasts of Mourning — Annie Cigic – Poetry

Collage — Matthew Rohrer – Poetry

Adagio for Dennis — Joe Davies – Fiction

Pack Horse Librarian — Ginny Connors – Poetry

Dear Barbara Browning — Renee Lepreau – Poetry

Notes on Cycling — Boen Wang – Nonfiction

Breathing Room — Mary Carroll Moore – Fiction

Just Imagine How — Michael Lauchlan – Poetry

A Good Dream, Almost — Megan Reilley – Nonfiction

Glass Ghazal, Artefacts — Jayant Kasyap – Poetry

I Time Travel — Olivia Lehman – Poetry

Ekphrasis on the Cover of Static Prevails — John A. Nieves – Poetry

Me and Paulie — Ralph Uttaro – Fiction

How Did We End Up Back Here? — Jessy Easton – Nonfiction

Bass Fishing — Derek Otsuji – Poetry

Happy Elephants Daycare Center — Sage Tyrtle – Fiction


Annie Cigic

Ginny Connors

Joe Davies

Jessy Easton

Ashish Isaac

Jayant Kasyap

Michael Lauchlan

Olivia Lehman

Renee Lepreau

Mary Carroll Moore

John A. Nieves

Derek Otsuji

Megan Reilley

Matthew Rohrer

Rikki Santer

Beaumont Sugar

Katelyn Tucker

Sage Tyrtle

Ralph Uttaro

Randall Van Nostrand

Boen Wang

Rose Maria Woodson

Ellen Zhang