Featured Artist: Spencer Creighton

Spencer Creighton

Spencer Creighton is an eighteen-year-old artist, currently residing in Millersville, Maryland. He works primarily on digital art with graphic and character design focused artwork. He occasionally experiments with traditional artwork, exploring horror animal media. He is graduating high school this upcoming June and going off to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this fall. Other artwork can be found on instagram @konawhatnow

Artist’s Statement

I like my art to explore a darker side of nature that can make a casual viewer uncomfortable but also makes them look at things from a different angle. I have long had an interest in taxidermy, bones, and pelts. By mixing familiar animals and modern horror visuals, I like to create a distinct aesthetic that forces one to think about what hides behind a facade that we are all familiar with. The use of skulls reflects a nod to classic anatomy studies Rabbits as a horror motif representing a perversion of innocence and childhood. My color palette tends toward realism, but I also enjoy playing with color to get some dynamic results.