Michelle Moore, "Cloud Cover"

Issue Contents

The Summer of Abby — Ria Parody Erlich – Fiction

The Gospel of Blood — Orlantae Duncan – Nonfiction

Breaststroke — Renee Veldman – Poetry

The Face — Srijani Dutta – Art

How to Master Shapeshifting — Gershom Mabaquiao – Nonfiction

Lately My Memories Look like Craigslist Missed Connections — Isabelle Ylo – Poetry

Wedding Anniversary — Erik Tschekunow – Poetry

If There Were a Time Machine — Juheon Rhee – Nonfiction

The Desert Where I Am Lost — Ellen June Wright – Poetry

Notes on My Mother’s Desk — Bill Hollands – Poetry

Missed Calls — Eben E. B. Bein – Poetry

Purple Reign — Michelle Moore – Art

As If We Were Anything But — Christine Potter – Poetry

Converge — Rick Andrews – Fiction

Henry’s Porch — Caroline Sutphin – Poetry

Plaid-Belly — Shelley Sheremeta – Fiction

Red and Blue Hare  — Spencer Creighton – Art

Remembering a Bait Shop in Tenby, Wales — Christian Ward – Poetry

The Only Reason to Kill — Jeffery DeVries – Fiction

Jesus in the Café — Richard Jordan – Poetry

quiet rebellion — Maya Jacyszyn – Poetry

Lucky Items Still-Life — Nanami Ishibashi – Art

Chau — Martina Amate Perez – Fiction


Eben E. B. Bein

Maya Jacyszyn

Richard Jordan

Christine Potter

Caroline Sutphin

Ellen June Wright

Isabelle Ylo

Erik Tschekunow

Bill Hollands

Renee Veldman

Orlantae Duncan

Gershom Mabaquiao

Rick Andrews

Jeffery DeVries

Martina Amate Perez

Ria Parody Elrich

Shelley Sheremeta