Our Editors 10.2

Editor in Chief | Anastasia Zanyuk | she/her

 Hi everyone! I’m Anastasia Zanyuk. I love reading poetry and fiction, and I’m a boba tea connoisseur!

Favorite piece: “Converge” by Rick Andrews

Lead Prose Editor | Erin Gould | she/her

Hi there! My name’s Erin Gould. No doubt, my favorite genres are poetry and fantasy. And a fun fact about me is that I’m OBSESSED with Taylor Swift!

Favorite piece: “The Only Reason to Kill” by Jeffrey DeVries

Lead Prose Editor | Danika Irish | she/her

Hey! I’m Danika Irish, and I love both romance-focused novels and absurdism/ dark humor. Something cool about me is that I’m on the color guard team.

Favorite piece: “The Gospel of Blood” by Orlantae Duncan

Lead Poetry Editor | Eli Keith | he/him

Hello readers! I’m Eli Keith, and my favorite novels to read are mystery and thriller works. My fun fact is I’ve got a pretty nice pen collection.

Favorite piece: “quiet rebellion” by Maya Jacyszyn

Lead Poetry Editor | Amanda Ramirez | she/her

Hey! I’m Amanda Ramirez, and given my position, it’s probably no surprise that my favorite genre is poetry. But did you know I also have a pet blue tongue skink? Pretty cool, right?

Favorite piece: “Breaststroke” by Renee Veldman

Art Editor | Gianna Brooks | she/her

Hi! I’m Gianna Brooks, one of the two art editors. I love both reading and writing horror, and my favorite works absolutely has to be A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. In my free time, I’m learning to play the bass guitar!

Favorite piece: “Converge” by Rick Andrews

Art Editor | Rachel Creighton | she/her

Hi, I’m Rachel. When I’m not scrolling through Youtube, you can find me taking a walk outside. My favorite genre to read is fiction. Before I die, I want to write a novel and learn a language to a conversational level. A fun fact about me is that I’ve lived in four different countries; Italy, England, the United States, and Bahrain.

Favorite piece: “Missed Calls” by Eben E. B. Bein

Copy Editor | Melissa Madsen | she/her

Hey out there! I’m Melissa Madsen! I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi pieces. A fun fact about me is that I plan to be both a librarian and an author in the future.

Favorite piece: “The Summer of Abby” by Ria Parody Erlich

Copy Editor | Zachary Welsh | he/him

Hi! My name’s Zachary Welsh. I have two different favorite genres: for reading, horror and for writing, it’s creative nonfiction. Something cool about me is that I write screenplays in my free time.

Favorite piece: “Jesus in the Cafe” by Richard Jordan

Community Outreach Editor | Trinnity Sistrunk | she/her

 Hey everyone! I’m Trinnity Sistrunk. I’m majoring in English: Creative Writing and love to write horror. 

Favorite piece: “Breaststroke” by Renee Veldman

Social Media Editor | Kayla Basham | she/her

 Hello! I’m Mikayla Basham, and my favorite genre to read is realistic fiction. Fun fact about me: I have a baby brother who’s twenty years younger than me and is absolutely adorable!

Favorite piece: “Notes on My Mother’s Desk” by Bill Hollands

Design Editor | Jamie Keller | any/all

Hey! My name’s Jamie. I love to read anything that’s fantasy based, from romance to sci-fi to anything else in between! In my free time, I enjoy crocheting while watching any number of series, reading, writing, doodling, and playing video games.

Favorite piece: “The Summer of Abby” by Ria Parody Erlich

Design Editor | Sonia Joshi | she/her

Hi there! I’m Sonia Joshi. My absolute favorite genre is horror, especially body horror. Want to know something interesting? I have three rows of eyelashes. No joke.

Favorite piece: “Breaststroke” by Renee Veldman

Audio and Media Editor | Nico Poole | he/him

Hey! I’m Nico Poole. My favorite genre is definitely horror. Something fun about me is that I’m a big Golden State Warriors fan. 

Favorite piece: “The Only Reason to Kill” by Jeffrey DeVries

Managing Editor | Maggie Millar | she/her

Hi! My name is Maggie Millar. My favorite genre to both read and write is creative nonfiction, specifically memoirs. I got the chance to study in Vienna, Austria last year and I loved it!

Favorite piece: “As If We Were Anything But” by Christine Potter

The current editors of the Rappahannock Review would like to pay
tribute to the ground-breaking work of the journal’s founding editors:

Sam Akridge
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Kerry Blanton
Marina Bonanno
Courtney Cherico
Morgan Deacon

Danielle DeSimone
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