Featured Artist: Srijani Dutta

Srijani Dutta

Srijani Dutta hails from a beautiful place, Chandannagar of West Bengal. She has completed her Post Graduate in English literature from Visva Bharati University. She loves reading books and expressing herself through colors, words, and images. She writes poetry and has published her poems in journals like Setu, Parcham, Contemporary Literary Review India, Story Mirror, EKL review journal etc.  While she is not writing, she paints. Her paintings have been published in Borderless journal, Creative chromosomes. She also likes balancing her life between the world of research and her creative practices. She has an instagram account where she uploads her paintings. Her email is srijanidutta081@gmail.com.


Artist’s Statement

Being a creative soul by nature, I have been expressing myself through words, colors and images since childhood.  I have used Fujicolor on paper to represent my subjective views, responses. The painting “Fragmentation” (2021) depicts the body parts as the metaphor of post-mortem and the altogether violence done onto bodies. The painting “Aquatic” (2021) captures the images of the aquatic leaves whereas “The Face” (2021) deals with the idea of the distortion of the face/ identity of a lady. The last painting, “Reflection” (2021), narrates the story of the pond and the metaphorical meaning of reflection.