Maya Jacyszyn

quiet rebellion

I take out the trash 
every Sunday evening in 
rain and snow
in heat and sweat 
is caked in between my
flip-flopped toes that have 
no place in winter but 
it’s another silent 
protest against
my societal suitcase of
watching bread rise and
dancing with dust floaties
so I lug that black bag
reeking of bruised fruits and 
fish and my grandfather’s plethora 
of Yuengling bottles not 
because it’s my duty as a 
single mother’s daughter but 
because I relish 
in the humble

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Maya Jacyszyn is a recent graduate of Saint Joseph’s University where she served as Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine Crimson & Gray. More recently, her work is featured in the Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, Wingless Dreamer, Poet’s Choice, The Ignatian Literary Magazine, Quibble Lit, and Clepsydra Literary and Art Magazine. Maya resides outside of Philadelphia where she works as a Professional Writing Tutor.