Issue 11.2 Fiction

Sophia Zhao, "Watching"

The People Who Find You

by Kennedy Bailey

“The most annoying part of my sister’s suicide was that she chose to do it on her birthday…”


by Heather Bartos

“The big red, white, and blue envelope that Chad pulls through the mail slot reads, ‘Do Not Bend’…”

Firsts and Lasts

by Danielle Shandiin Emerson

“The first hands that held her were her mother’s. She remembered how they were—soft, warm, firm…”


by Kris Faatz

“When you and I meet at the coffee shop, your smile spread thin to hide your first-date nerves, I’ll tell you how I used to share my bed with a spider…”

Grave Flies

by Kiana Govoni

“The image of your mom as a screaming mannequin in a hospital bed wouldn’t leave you alone…”

Lunar Curse

by Huina Zheng

“During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Sister and I compete in a duel of crafting the perfect mooncake…”