Our Editors 11.2

Editor in Chief | Noelle Jones | they/she

Hey there, my name is Noelle Jones and I enjoy reading horror and fantasy pieces. I’ve been writing since I was 4, and my writing has been influenced by my reading interests.

Favorite piece: “A Dream of Salamanders” by Nathan Erwin

Lead Prose Editor | E Wiley | they/them

Hi, my name is E Wiley. If this was an auditory introduction, I’d have told you “Like the letter of the alphabet and the coyote from Looney Tunes.” I’m a Nonfiction girl in my heart, both in terms of reading and writing, but I promise my heart is large enough for all forms of prose; which I find to be liberating in terms of enjoying things, though my doctor would call that “Concerning.” I’m a senior, and if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be graduating.

Favorite piece: “The People Who Find You” by Kennedy Bailey 

Lead Prose Editor | Daniella Colón-Cosme | she/her

Hello, friends! I’m Daniella, and I’m a graduating senior from the University of Mary Washington with a BFA in English w/ Creative Writing. I enjoy reading pieces that delve into psychological realism, and I see all writing as a large puzzle to solve. I love to write about the human experience, and the different ways in which we experience things as such. My favorite activity is listening to video essays about topics I have zero background or interest in.

Favorite piece: “Firsts and Lasts” by Danielle Shandiin Emerson

Lead Poetry Editor | Cecilia Ward | she/they

My name is Cece or Cecilia or Eel or Elia or Arugula or maybe even hamster. I am a creature within the universe, a concoction of writing ramblings, and a series of arms that make up a body too. I seek to write about the strange ways that earthlings experience and react to their emotions and also frolic around a bit.

Favorite piece: “Nightmoves” by Mike Bagwell 

Lead Poetry Editor | Megan Cena | she/her

Hi, I’m Megan. I’m a senior struggling through a creative writing major, but that’s just the way things go, I think. I love reading anything wild and weird. I want to be just a little bit confused at all times.

Favorite piece: “Summer on the Back Porch” by E.C. Gannon

Art Editor | Asia Singleteary | she/her

Hello, I’m Asia Singleteary. I will read whatever catches my interest but I don’t like gory stories. When I’m writing, I tend to go fantasy.

Favorite piece: “From Copper Canyon to the West” by Kathleen Frank

Art Editor | Percy Sampson | they/them

Hello, I’m Percy Sampson, a graduating senior from University of Washington with a BFA in English with a Creative Writing Concentration and Theatre. I am a playwright who focuses their energy into creating horror that portrays the experiences of nonbinary and sapphic individals.

Favorite piece: “Summer on the Back Porch” by E.C. Gannon

Social Media Editor | Niko Salinas | he/they

My name is Niko Salinas! I am a Senior Theatre and Creative Writing Double Major! I love writing plays, reading, and watching anything with Nicolas Cage!

Favorite piece: “Grave Flies” by Kiana Govoni

Copy Editor | Isabella Justiniano | she/her

Hi, I’m Isabella! I’m a junior English Literature major who loves magical realism and mystery novels. In the future, I plan to pursue a career in publishing or open my own bookstore.

Favorite piece: “The People Who Find You” by Kennedy Bailey

Design Editor | Haley Chamer | she/her

I am a junior majoring in English Literature and minoring in Law and Philosophy. I enjoy reading Civil War literature and writing nonfiction prose.

Favorite piece: “Manifestations of Love” by Melissent Zumwalt

Design Editor | Victoria Fallon | she/her, it/its

Dia dhuit! My name is Victoria Saoirse Fallon, I’m an English Major with a concentration on Creative Writing. I’m a Gaeilgeoir and I’m a student activist! I love Cyberpunk and Fantasy Fiction Prose and I love works that criticize our societal institutions.

Favorite piece: “Ash Wednesday Valentine” by Ani Bachan

Design Editor | Liz Chapin | they/them

Hello! I’m Liz. I am a lover, collector, and maker of stories, and I am currently flailing my way through the end of my senior year. I am passionately enthralled with art and media centered around horror, fantasy, otherness, escapism, and the indomitable spirit of connection and compassion. My dream is to make things that inspire others to make things. 

Favorite piece: “Ash Wednesday Valentine” by Ani Bachan

Managing Editor | Noah Brushwood | he/him

Hello I am Noah Brushwood, a graduating senior majoring in Creative Writing and Historic Preservation, and I am the Managing Editor for the RR this year. I am not a big reader but I love a good fantasy world with more lore than it should.

Favorite piece: “Surrendered” by Heather Bartos

The current editors of the Rappahannock Review would like to pay tribute to the ground-breaking work of the journal’s founding editors:

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