Katelynn Bishop

Empty Sac

suddenly the doctor   is leaving the room   telling us
take all the time   you need                i’ve always felt
restless   claustrophobic   in those rooms      time becoming
windowless                                         now i wait

for body   to recognize              absence          hard to say
what body knows   or doesn’t       hard to translate
a subsiding soreness    those fleeting twinges    the traces
of brown blood   that could have been   warnings       i want to believe

there is  wisdom   in    body’s   holding on            bracing me
by building   layers of  protective tissue     soft husk
sinking in    before        its uprooting

                                                            i want to know
how it ends    if we can    if we will      i think
of all those years    we could have   might have      didn’t
try   didn’t know    what i wanted

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Katelynn Bishop (she/her) is a writer and sociology professor living in California. Her poetry has been published in Streetcake and Literary Mama.