Dead Air

By Eric Altemus

“Out in the field, I waited for the fast ones.
The kind I lived for. Sirens screaming across the plains. Furious systems that could wipe a West Texas football town clean off the map. Those long summer afternoons spent county-hopping in passenger vans or diesel trucks …”


Pure Experience


“The morning sky was a slate board and the warehouse where they were lined up didn’t look much different: all of it gray on gray, the building and sky blending together, mute and hopelessly modern, foregrounded against the river and the city on the other side. Gray city. …”

Welcome to Avalon

By Joyce Wilson-Young

“The misconception of ordered tranquility, that was Avalon. Ten tidy residential blocks, some meandering mountainside neighborhoods, and a calm harbor worked together to convince tourists that paradise existed just off the California coast. I knew paradise was real by the summer of 1991. …”