“Jupiter Moon 2 – Europa”



By: Nora Almeida

“I found the piano on the side of the road on my way home from work. Smooth, honey-colored wood. Abandoned. It was perfect aside from a few scratches and a chipped key, a B on a low octave. I imagined the piano installed in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, adorned with sheet music and antique lamps and potted succulents. How beautiful this piano would look, I thought, …”

Day One in Nông Sơn

By: Wendy A. Gaudin

“Journal entry: A storm is blowing in. Under my feet is a pistachio tile floor on the front porch of a house in Quảng Nam Province, and beyond the edges of the pistachio tile is the garden of a woman who lives alone. There are aging clay pots containing flowering plants and miniature trees whose names I will never know, and a white statue of Di Lặc, …”


By: Michael Palmer

“I was back home from New York by early December. My parents picked me up at the airport. On the ride home, they sat up front and I sat in the back. Our conversation was about how nice it was to see Christmas lights and how high up people were building on the mountain. …”