Marcy Ellis, “I Give Myself What I Deserve”

Nonfiction 5.3

Einstein’s Socks

by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

“…were not there. He stopped wearing them when he stopped teaching high school kids, before he wrote the wild paper that got him the begrudged doctorate, before he was Herr Doktor Einstein, before he turned twenty-six.”


The Death of God’s Poet

by Brittany Hailer

“I go back to her, the old woman who lived beneath me. I go back to the green duplex in North Carolina. I go back to twenty-two, to the hurried lease after living in London, to the floorboards and the yellow, cracked walls…”



by Barry Herzog

“My wife and I visit the cemetery where her parents are buried to pursue “pre-planning” pricing research common to people in our age range.

The cemetery is located adjacent to a freeway in downtown Los Angeles and laid out on a series of gentle, pleasing hills with closely mowed grass…”


True Names

by Jennifer McGuiggan

“Etch-a-Sketch, Baja, Echo. The tour guide on the whale watching boat knows these humpbacks by name. She recognizes them by their tail markings: the designs they were born with and the wounds they’ve sustained. She announces each whale as it levers its broad tail out of the water…”