Issue 5.3 Featured Artist

Marcy Ellis

Through delicate lines of ink and watercolor, Marcy Ellis draws inspiration from flora, the natural world, and the female form. A childhood split between rural agriculture and a suburban planned community set in the open desert, Marcy was immersed in the beauty and simplicity of nature at a young age. Currently residing in Tucson, Arizona, Marcy teaches Elementary Art and freelances full time. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelors of Fine Art in Art Education from the University of Arizona. You can find and purchase her work and view more of her process on Instagram @marcyellis

Artist’s Statement

From earth to sky, we are connected to a central life force. My current body of work explores the female figure, rooted in her connection to landscape, life/death cycles, and the natural world. The Goddess, the Sister, the Mother of all forms of life. The root to self-rejuvenation of spirit and space, she is the transformative representation of fragile beauty. Rendered through illustration and color, these connections are explored.