Issue 9.1 Nonfiction

Monica Ikegwu, “She’s Aware”


Your Father Is Chinese

by Lori Arden
“But I would just make myself smaller, huddle further into the cavern of wheel and hold my breath until eventually the gust died down and the particles of sand dropped, inert once more.”

One Joint

by Mercury-Marvin Sunderland
“Sometimes we say everything and the hurt burns the entire place down. Or they realize their mistake and put it out. And sometimes I just don’t have energy. So some days you remedy yourself after work with weed, but others you quit your job entirely and just smoke weed.

Quinney + Rayma

by JT Godfrey
“Moulin Rouge wasn’t just my favorite movie, Moulin Rouge was my childhood movie. While my classmates were wearing thin VHS tapes of Aladdin, or Sleeping Beauty, or Mulan – No Rouge, I was dissecting a French, neoclassical-inspired film about a writer’s love affair with a consumption-riddled prostitute.²” 

Afternoons in the Graveyard

by Becky Kling
“We love and grieve in isolation—the connections we seek confined to the bounds of social scripts we did not write, hushed into the white noise of internalization so easily mistaken for silence.”