Issue 9.1 Fiction

Gloria Frimpong, “Microscopic”

Where Can I Take You When There’s Nowhere to Go

by Joe Baumann
“He frowned, wondering how something that had made him feel so nice—pinpricked with light, breezy with the gauzy wisps that emerged from his fingertips—could be something he had to hide.”

Instructions for Clearing

by Katie Bockino
“While I was staring at my dad’s body stuffed into a cheap plastic casket, Mary was dying. While I went up and took my dad’s puffy hand, pretending to say a prayer, Mary was laying alone among the trees.”

Train Wreck at Literary Fields

by Seth Kristalyn
“As a fiction writer, I basically write elaborate lies that may or may not have a deeper meaning depending on who you talk to. In this lie, only one building exists for the purpose of this story. Other buildings are around, but since I’m not concerned about them, neither are you.”


by Miguel Eichelberger
“Limit resources, make the people compete for what’s rightfully theirs, keep them looking left and right instead of up. Zero-sum mindsets in a zero-sum machine.”