Stephen Scott Whitaker

For Gender Dysphorics, Face App Is a Portal

When I see her looking back
with my eyes
and my mother’s red hair
falling down the side of her cheek
I fall backward into me
and all ages of me
vibrate inside my body, my body
the high note
of a wine glass tuning. I hear her
laughing at some joke, turning
because laughing is all
one needs. Someone calls her
name. She turns to answer.
She’s late, my sister self
looking back at me
on the other end
of the spirit’s wavelength, wondering
who am I? Where is the body we take
with us every day? Where is the everyday
body of my heart? When the vibrations leave
I feel thousands of silver strings
inside me waiting
to be strummed.

Stephen Scott Whitaker is a member of the National Book Critics Circle, a teaching artist with the Virginia Commission for the Arts, and a grant writer. Whitaker’s writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Great River Review, Fourteen Hills, The Shore, Crab Creek Review, Oxford Poetry, and other journals.