Featured Artist: Gloria Frimpong

Gloria Frimpong 

Gloria Frimpong is a Ghanaian-American graphic designer, creative writer, and video maker. She is studying psychology at Kennesaw State University, aspiring to become a part time clinical therapist, as well as an indie filmmaker, writer, and freelance graphic designer. She loves eating dark chocolate, watching anime, and sitting in the sun.

Artist’s Statement

More often than not, with my artwork, I follow a path of dynamic nonsensical imagination. The significance in my art process isn’t so much about the meaning behind the artwork, but the exercise itself– the vague vision I have when I look at an unedited image or a blank page, which, as I work, often evolves into something entirely unrelated. The journey from confusion and befuddlement to the slow flickering light bulb is lively. It stretches the mind to perceive things that aren’t yet there, and when I have a finished piece, I can look back on it and derive meaning from what was once void.

Therefore, my favorite type of digital art to create is abstract. I enjoy the unconventional process and the array of possibilities for what the piece can mean for different people.

Anybody can be an artist since art is expression, regardless of whether it is comprehensible. Art is a release, a mirror, or a depthless pool that absorbs and reflects both the simple and complex aspects of our minds.