Featured Artist: Sarah Walko

Sarah Walko

Sarah Walko is an artist, director, curator and writer. She is currently the Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey and has directed non-profit arts organizations for fifteen years. Her visual art exhibitions have included Raising the Temperature at the Queens Museum of Art, Preternatural at The Museum of Nature in Canada, and Case Studies at Gallery Aferro. She is a published author of fiction and nonfiction essays and co-author of a graphic memoir, With Our Whole Broken Hearts.

Artist’s Statement

As a collector, maker and arranger of objects both organic and archaic, I create environments where ephemera from the natural world meet antiquities of a mystical science to tell stories or suggest talismans. I’m interested in the stories contained within and between objects that take on new significance through their proximity and relationships to one another. My work is about the divine side of nature, of the power of imagination, myth, dream and vision and is also inspired by literature and storytelling structure. In my installations I create experiences that allow one’s perceptions to shift from the historical, to the narrative, to the scientific, to the alchemical and to the magical.