7.1 Nonfiction

“Scrophularia nodosa” from De Materia Medica

Rush of Longing

by Chelsea Catherine 

“Ingrid looked at her baby sister and saw something that was part of her. That was hers, for the first time in her life.”

Today Is Your Birthday

by Caitlin Cowan

“Your birthday ends in seven hours, and I’m wondering how much postage to India costs, whether mail registers on your plane of existence anymore.”

Octopus Dreams

by Jacqueline Doyle

“What if she dreams of disembodied human hands, scuttling along the ocean floor?”


by Wendy A. Gaudin

“Each wave, insisting she be seen, each wave, a diamond of brightness beginning from the dark at the bottom.”

The Band Room

by Leanne Sowul

“The next chord comes, and the next, and soon my heartbeat aligns with the beat of the baton and my skin thrums in harmony with each pitch.”

Through the Mirror

by Leanne Sowul

“His eyes are hidden behind rectangular wire-framed bifocals, but no one need see his eyes to know that he’s holding back tears.”