Our Editors 7.1

Jenna Johnson

Fiction Editors
Bryson Pereira
April Wobken

Nonfiction Editor
Kelly Donaghey

Poetry Editor
Emma Yerly

Special Coordinators
Bradley Howell
Kris Moxley
Alexis Zager

Managing Editor
Mandi Smith

Copy Editor
Kate Coburn

Lead Design Editor
Katie Hartraft

Design Editors
Katelyn Wolfgang
Allison Woods

Audio and Media Editor
Carolyn Rouse

Art Editor
Emma Converse

Community Outreach & Social Media
Alexandra Cooper

Faculty Advisor
Laura Bylenok

Front row (L to R): Laura Bylenok, Alexis Zager, Kris Moxley, Carolyn Rouse, Katie Hartraft, and Alexandra Cooper. Back Row (L to R): Emma Yerly, Mandi Smith, Katelyn Wolfgang, April Wobken, Jenna Johnson, Emma Converse, Bradley Howell, Allison Woods, Bryson Pereira, and Kate Coburn.