7.1 Poetry

“Viola odorata” from De Materia Medica

What It Means to Be a Man

by Tory Adkisson


by C.L. Bledsoe

Over Too Summer

by Jan Carroll

Origin Story

by Andrew K. Clark

Mornings Are Mostly Made of Habits

by Anthony DiPietro

Learn to Walk

by Melody S. Gee

Abrus precatorius, Rosary Pea

by Jules Jacob


by Kamal E. Kimball

Mary Talks about Breasts

by Devon Miller-Duggan

The Peach Tree

by Matthew Roth

Fire Breathing

by Jess Smith

Third Shift Morning

by Michael VanCalbergh

The Kitchen Table Makes an Offering

by Michael VanCalbergh

Taking My Son’s Temperature

by David G. Walker