Jan Carroll

Over Too Summer

Over the delectable leaps in reasoning. Over the free-
wheeling us-tumbling. Over this tilt-a-whirl. You
in particular hasten over the trestle away
from our sector. Over unfortunately too
the intelligently written, beautifully filmed
detective series whose characters I’ve come to love
as our own clock workings and crossword puzzle solvers,
our avatars. Over the impression you left
on the recliner, the touches all over the light switches.
Over too summer with its slow burns, cool wade-ins,
musics in the bandshell, your sandaled feet grass-tickled.
Over the dilemma of wanting to meet but not be seen
like that, some pale yet sweet uncorked wine paired
with marinated sauerbraten, not what most would think
worked. Over the text check-ins, the goodnight/hello
making out on the second to last step. Over the slices
of lime in two tall glasses of ice water. Over your shirt
on my chair, your shoes underneath, at rest for once,
your jeans on the floor, your hair a mess on the corner
of the bed inches from the window, songbirds
not awake yet. Over the mood of prolonged elation
punctuated by spats and the general tension from living
now. Over the hold of your hands. Over the falls
in a barrel I’ve been swept and crashed
on the rocks, busted open. I thought I caught
a glimpse of you on the other side
of the river at a snack bar or newsstand but over
the horizon your shadow stretched
and was no more. Over the games kids play
on monkey bars and porches. Over the joy rides.
Over the slips of tongue, the breathy laughter.
Over my heart a scar the shape a fissure makes
when seen from a long way’s off.

Jan Carroll’s work has appeared in Borderlands, California Quarterly, Cider Press Review, Avatar Review, Barstow & Grand, and Volume One. Her chapbooks include River (2015) and With What’s Left: Gardening, Earth-Tending, and Keeping On in the Midst of Climate Crisis (2019). She facilitates small poetry-writing groups and a local reading series. She lives in the river city of Eau Claire, WI, and works in healthcare. www.jancarrollpoetryetc.net